Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Future Husband

Since I liked Michael a year before he found out, my suitemates and I always had a codeword for him: MFH. The acronym stands for “my future husband.” Yes, that’s right—Before I even met him, and before we dated, I referred to him as my future husband.

I saw him all over campus during orientation weekend. His style caught my eye… but looking back, I’m glad it changed, too-- I just had a feeling we'd click. Lo and behold, as I walked into my first college class ever (Political Science, 9 AM, MWF!) there he was. Of course, I didn’t introduce myself. I just was amused by the fact that he was EVERYWHERE. As a joke, I told my suitemates about “my future husband,” and it became a little inside joke, until…

(The first picture ever taken of us, the night when we met)

Until the brother-sister volleyball competition. Every suite and hall on campus is paired up (“brothers” and “sisters”) and we have a big round robin tournament. The girls all elbowed me and winked as I saw MFH talking with our brothers. He was in my brother suite! We ending up talking on the sidelines, discovering a shared major and taste in music. We talked for 30, maybe 45 minutes, and it felt so natural.

We hung out sporadically freshman year, mainly helping each other with classwork or getting dinner together. I liked him the entire time, but he knew he had no clue. I liked it that way – it was just this private thing I thought would go absolutely nowhere.

The start of my sophomore year included some major changes and confusion, and I ended up telling him in September that I liked him. After some initial disbelief on his part, we started dating September 21, 2007.

Since then, we’ve been growing, learning, and spending time together, with friends, and with family. We’ve spent significant time apart (7 months... more on that later), and we want to spend the rest of our lives together, still growing, learning—and loving.

I love telling our story to people, and I KNOW we’ll hear a lot about the “future husband nickname” at the wedding! Come to think of it, I’ll refer to him as MFH on this blog from now on….

Also, how did you and your FI start off? Mutual attraction, one person pursuing the other? I didn’t seriously think of him as a future husband until about a year into our relationship…. So, when did you know they were “the one?”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A new addition to my finger.....

Since this is my first wedding blog post, you might think the title is just a cute way to announce my engagement. But, why announce something that happened 4 months ago?

This post is to actually introduce you to my new engagement ring.

Yes, you heard those words right. A new old implies an old one.

Some brides are two-veil brides. Others walk and dance in two pairs of shoes. Some are lucky brides with two dresses (their bridesmaids, the bustle-rs, are not so lucky...)! And I am a 2 e-ring kind of gal.

My former ring was a custom-designed three "stone" setting, with two rubies and a pearl. These unorthodox gemstones, were chosen for a variety of reasons, too many for this post... I'll save that for later. But let it suffice to say, the ring was beautiful and wonderful in symbolism and theory, but not so much on practicality.

By the end of two months, my pearl had already gotten knocked WAY off-center. I was so scared to wear it, extremely aware of how the pearl precariously held onto my size-4 ring, jutting out from my hand as I swung on the swings as a camp counselor. The jewelers were a 2-hr drive away, so my ring was "damaged" this way for two months more.

Furthermore, there were many issues with the color, the clarity, the prong settings, the adhesive, the sizing process, the jewelers, and people's reactions and comments. My fiance and I were at a loss as to what to do.

In comes extra summer savings, a GORGEOUS ring, and the desire to stay true to what we want, not what others expect from us.

My fiancee and I decided to purchase this ring one week ago, and since then, I can't stop admiring its sparkle and beauty.

(Please excuse the lack of props for ring-shots. Soon enough...)

My "old" e-ring will possibly become my unorthodox wedding ring, worn on my right hand, and thus I will have 2 rings... just not the 2 most people think of. But, Michael and I are happy, and so are our wallets, so, that's all that matters.

Did you have any mishaps in the e-ring process? Did you and your fiance look together?